[Review] The Girl Before

Author: JP Delaney
Sourced: Snagged from the public library, after a short wait. Originally recommended by The Stripe Book Club
Meows: 4.32 out of 5, because wow (!!) plot twist


A dual timeline story featuring Jane (the girl now) and Emma (the girl before) as they move into a too good to be true flat in London, that is owned by an eccentric architect. Jane needing a new place after a personal tragedy and Emma needing a safe place after break-in, find themselves living similar story lines but at different times. Jane becomes obsessed with Emma’s story as she learns the past may not be entirely in the past when it comes to the house they’re both occupying.


I think I read this book within 3 days of checking it out from the library. It was an addicting read and one I couldn’t fully figure out with two major plot twists—one expected, the other a delightful surprise!

While I fully enjoyed this book and have already told my mom to check it out from her local library, I give it a 3 on the toe beans scale. I’d like to equate it to that good movie you saw at the theater and talk about with friends, but have no intention of watching again. This book is kind of like that. A really fun and thrilling read, but not likely one I’d keep for my personal collection. Should you read it? YES. Should you borrow it from the library? YES. Should you find it in a Little Free Library and then pass it on to a friend? YES.

All signs point to yes, but unless you’re a psycho-thriller book collector, then I’d leave this one off the must buy list.


Like the post or leave a comment if you’ve read any good psychological thrillers lately! 

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