[Review] Miracle Creek

Author: Angie Kim
Snagged from Book of the Month, for book club 
2.71 out of 5. Interesting read, but lacks sufficient closure. Condy’s picture kind of wraps up how I feel about it too.


A mom of an autistic child is on trial for the death of her son and another woman that occurred from an explosion of a HBOT submarine. Set up to explore the woman’s relationship with her child, as well as other possible suspects, the story of Miracle Creek (the town, named the same as the book) unfolds as specific days on trial. Did the mom kill her son? Was it the owner looking for an insurance pay out? Or the wife of another HBOT patient who found out about a strange relationship with the owner’s daughter. Arson is definitely the cause, but finding out who, and why, lays at the center of Kim’s novel.


On a scale of 10, I give this book 4 toe beans. It’s simply not the type of read you keep on your shelf; you pass it on to a friend knowing it’s an interesting read, but perhaps not your favorite.

I personally plan to share the book with my mom; the plot is clever and I know she’ll enjoy discussing after she finished. Even with plans to share and discuss, I didn’t love the book because of the character wrap-up at the end. It felt rushed. I wouldn’t call it lazy, but just not a great finish. I’d rather have seen some of the other plot lines cut in favor of a more robust ending.

At book club, one of the ladies mentioned she felt the middle of the book was long-winded and I tend to agree. It was a slightly slow start, but I did keep coming back to it. I enjoyed the plot development as we learned more about the relationships between all the characters; however, I’ll state (without spoilers) that I hated the interactions between Mary and Matt. It felt unnecessary and almost an add-in for shock value. It could be removed and the rest of the plot line would still hold up well.

Has anyone else read Miracle Creek? What did you think of the ending?


ps. sorry I’ve been away so long! It took a minute to adjust to a new job and find my rhythm again. 

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