The Reader

I once listened to a podcast about a woman who read more than 300 books a year and she loved her life. And she loved reading.

I once used to love blogging. I still do, but more the “2007 let’s build a community [this is good]” type of blogging. I don’t know what Reading With My Cat will become, but this is an effort to love reading as much as the woman in the podcast and to share it with others in a 2007 kind of way. All with cats though.

Other known aliases: Margurette, Maggie, Mags, Mugsie

The Cat

Anaconda came into her good fortune in December 2014, finding her way from a local shelter to a hooman who needed her most. Since her fateful trip home in a box, she has enjoyed the finest in processed cheese snacks (preferably Utz, in case the internet bestows a blessing).

Not surprisingly, her recent interests including reading. And posing with books.

Other known aliases: Condy, Condo, Anacondaleeza Rice, Ana



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